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Motor Factors

Helping our members buy at the right price from the right suppliers, the provision of tools to help them generate more profitable sales is enhanced by providing method of working that improves their efficiency and in-so-doing reducing overheads.

Our Distribution Centre

  • Exclusive to GROUPAUTO Motor Factors
  • Private label programmes
  • Single pick ordering and free delivery over £100
  • Open box policy
  • 3rd Largest supplier to GROUPAUTO members
  • Availability consistently over 98%
  • Order before 5.30pm, for next day delivery

Order the easy way via G-Net or online at www.g-logix.co.uk

Purchasing Benefits

We have a team dedicated to getting the best terms from our approved suppliers:

  • Working with our members to get the right suppliers approved
  • Proactive collection of pricing information to negotiate better prices
  • Challenging and managing price changes
  • Publishing price files in a consistent, easy-to-manage format
  • Loyalty bonus for members who support the programmes

Marketing Support for our Members

A range of sales and marketing tools to retain and attract new customers.

  • Garage network programmes – For automotive and commercial vehicle.
  • G-Points – Reward garage customers for loyalty.
  • G-Publish – Personalised marketing material.
  • Supplier promotions – Sell in and sell out offers from all product groups.
  • Promote-It – Branded goods to use as rewards or promotions.

For more details on marketing support – marketing@groupauto.co.uk

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